This course is designed for couples, friends and small groups alike, to explore connection through movement.

We strongly believe in the power and efficacy of partner dance to heal, support overall well-being, and help relationships of all kinds maintain their integrity, coherence and vitality.

The foundational techniques and embodiment practices contained in this course are intended to guide you and your chosen dance partner(s) into an easy and playful process of becoming comfortable connecting with one another on the Fusion partner dance floor, where many of these techniques originated, or any other place you feel moved to dance, like the club or your kitchen!

Over the course of this program, we’ll be dropping tips and practices for cultivating greater intimacy and mindfulness into the mix of dance form and technique, so whether you are working with a romantic partner or friend, this course will give you powerful tools to explore a somatic approach to your relating.


Cocréa is a continually evolving holistic movement practice.


It blends the connected, structural integrity of social partner dance techniques from Swing, Blues, Salsa and European Ballroom dances, with the organic expression found in contact improvisation, ecstatic dance and hip-hop.

Intended to bring individuals into strong, empowered, expressive relationships with their bodies and their communities, participants learn to listen and respond in every moment to co-create spontaneously and practice presence moving together as one.

Weaving the threads of collaboration, cross-pollination and consciousness, Cocréa focuses on how dance can enhance and expand relationships into a deeply connected, honest and powerful tool for personal, interpersonal and collective transformation.

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