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Find out how mindful partner dance can improve all your relationships, help you develop awareness and embody more prosperity.

“These are staple somatic practices you’re teaching in a totally different context.

It’s non-verbal consent without the new age fluff and it WORKS.”

-Buster Rådvik, Founder and Owner at Embodied Intimacy


“I feel like I have deepened my connection with my own body, learned a new and delightful language, and received techniques to commune with others in a more profound way.


– Niema Lightseed, Coach, Yoga teacher and Poetess


“If you see these people doing a workshop within a 10 hour drive, you should make it.

It’s not just a dance class, it’s a life training that helps with all forms of connections and relationship.”


– Martín Bullo, Owner/Chef, Sierra Nevada Camp Chef


“This dance is like therapy. It’s an analogy for life on so many levels.”


– Kiki Mariotti, Dance Your Medicine retreat participant

“Eloquent, articulate and talented…
spreading the consciousness of connection through the lens of partnered dance far and wide.”


– Mark Metz, Creator/Editor of Conscious Dancer Magazine


Before this retreat I was uncomfortable setting healthy boundaries in partner dance. At times, I felt overwhelmed by the strong energy on the dance floor and usually danced by myself.

Cocréa was a safe container, and facilitates the practice of deep listening to my own body. I loved being able to experience moving with different bodies. I saw my own relationship patterns reflected back to me in partner dance, in how I moved on the dance floor.

I highly recommend this retreat for anyone looking to expand their capacity for self awareness and awareness of other.


– Concetta Troskie, Dance Your Medicine participant

Dancing into
Empowered Relationship

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We envision a humanity in love with its body.

By loving others as oneself and loving the planet as oneself, we can create an authentic, regenerative culture for future generations.

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We are slowly and carefully beginning to roll out live events in very specific ways as we move through these uncertain times. We encourage people to take care of themselves how they need, whether that is wearing masks or not.

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