Mindful Partner Dance for a

Joyful, Embodied Humanity









Cocréa is a continually evolving holistic movement modality. It blends the connected, structural integrity of social partner dance, with the organic, blissful expression found in free dance.

Intended to bring individuals into strong, empowered, expressive relationships with their bodies and their communities, participants learn to listen and respond in every moment to co-create spontaneously and practice presence moving together as one.

Weaving the threads of collaboration, cross-pollination and consciousness, Cocréa focuses on how dance can enhance and expand relationships into a deeply connected, honest and powerful tool for personal, interpersonal and collective transformation.



Whatever your values are, we want to work with you to generate more connection, coherence and harmony. Whether you’re wanting to level up your personal dance game, your relationship, your team or your community, Cocréa can help unlock your inter-relational genius and have fun doing it.

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“I want every dance to feel like THAT.”

Devorah Bry

Founder of HoneyRoot

Say It With Movement

We love working 1-on-1! If you are a couple and interested in developing new tools for juicing up your relationship, or if you are an individual looking to improve your connection skills, contact us to schedule a consultation!


Watch Cocréa Founder, Wren LaFeet’s TEDx Talk and look around to get the whole download on how Cocréa and the global dance movement are co-creating a New Renaissance.