Social Justice

Cocréa is committed to growing, evolving and learning how to create a culture of inclusion, diversity and equity. As generating nourishing connection while building resilient communities is the primary focus of our work, it is imperative we are honoring the origins and lineages from which we draw.

It is our pledge to acknowledge the work (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) of African Americans by donating 1% of our year end profits to Color of Change. American vernacular Jazz dances such as Blues and Swing provide much of the foundational movements that inform Cocréa’s foundational techniques. Without these art forms and the African American descendants who pioneered them, Cocréa surely would not exist.

We additionally pledge to use another 1% of our year end profits to maintain a scholarship fund for those in financial need with a desire to participate in our offerings. Scholarships will be granted on a need basis and we encourage you to ask if you have need. Certain offerings such as our retreats will have specific applications and a set number of scholarships available.

We are always striving to grow and innovate our structures so that they satisfy a sextuple bottom line: People, Purpose, Planet, Profit, Place and Play. The 6 P’s (we really like the number 6).

If you have feedback for us around how we might do it better, please don’t hesitate to send us a message.