Part Two: Deep Dive in Embodiment Dance Connection


In this deep dive class we will explore Partner Dancing once again. Within this 2 day workshop we will continue breaking down intimate details and nuances of what it’s like to be in different forms of embodied relating – with ourselves, with others, and the world around us.

We’ll start with an opening circle and some fun icebreakers, then move into games and scenarios that emphasize boundaries, consent, rejection, and how to deal with what may come up.

We will play with structures from social partner dances like swing, as well as a section on contact improv to learn more of the universal language and therapeutic connection of dance.

At the end of the workshop we’re hoping that everyone walks away with just a little bit more in their toolbox to feel more confident in what embodied consent really looks and feels like with healthy boundaries, and as a result, a more free sense of self expression.






Cocréa Co-Founder

A dancer in the Fusion social partner dance movement since it began, Wren’s dancing largely defines fusion as an emergent aesthetic dance form. Fueled by his curiosity in spirituality, the body, global community, the natural world and relationships, and guided by his devotion to love and the idea of the Beloved, partner dance has served as the vehicle for his inquiry and understanding. He has inspired the formation of multiple fusion dance communities on the west coast of North America, and teaches partner dance internationally as a practice for mindful, authentic living, enlivening communities with his signature modality, Cocréa. His facilitation encourages individuals to create themselves as safer spaces for the embodiment of the full range of human expression. Promoting dance as medicine, spirituality and salve for our modern ailments of disconnection and alienation, his practice insists we trust our bodies with the music and our partner to catalyze elevating our whole being into higher vibrational states.



Cocréa Facilitator

Brenée is a birth doula, trained CPM (Certified Professional Midwife), and is a developing preconception coach assisting people in intentionally conceiving babies. She has studied how to hold this sacred container of ushering in new expansions of the human experience since 2013. Learning the wisdom of being a gatekeeper of life has created a nuance on “midwifing” people within their personal processes from birth and beyond, knowing it is all interconnected.  Dance always came naturally to Brenee, even as a child. In time, she began exploring her “Yes!” through authentic movement. Eventually majoring in concert dance floor sessions, as well as fire dance performance, she outgrew her roots in Maine and landed on the west coast of North America.

She discovered Cocréa at Beloved 2018 finding a home within its practice that was innate in her personal practice. She began her training to become a Cocréa Mindful Partner Dance instructor in the fall of 2019 and is excited to be sharing this body wisdom as the first graduate of Cocréa‘s facilitator training.



Student of Cocrea & Co-Facilitator

Early on Bethany fell in love with the grace of dancers but was unable to afford classes. Self taught for the most part, she explored what dynamic motion and acrobatics were available to her. Now she has a Passion for teaching those very things, as well as injury prevention and Giving a firm and early foundation to Young Dancers. Feeling the real healing effects of dance lead her to study further into Psychosomatics for therapeutic movement which opened up her practice and many opportunities to help others like her. With the skills and experience coming from being self taught and the later learning of Fundamentals, She has Not only A deep Intuition but also a Passion for Dispensing Knowledge and technique To children and people of all ages.



Guest Facilitator

A creator, lover of movement and connection. Logan has practiced contact improv for eight years and has been teaching for three years.  He offers a unique lens to contact improv, embodiment, and flow through his background as a professional massage therapist. He has witnessed many individuals awaken to the “InnerSensing” within, bringing profound healing as well as excitement to their lives. He believes that a large amount of wisdom in the body remains untapped and helps create a safe container for this to become realized through reclaiming playful innocence. He is currently on the path to becoming a Wild Mind nature guide where he’s learned the ways of council, mirroring and invitations for accessing Self-Healing and Self-Wholing within the psyche. More information about the Wild Mind can be found at