Are you holding a knowing that the human race could be struggling so much less, yet struggling yourself with how to offer the remedy in your heart and through your body?

Do you anticipate a great shift in human awareness from mental primacy and competition to embodiment and cooperation?

Are you longing to help people access the joy of moving together but feel unsure of your ability to lead groups effectively or that you lack the framework or information to confidently support other’s transformation?

Do you sense a great power within yourself to hold transformational containers but think you lack the practical skills to draw people into them?


The Invitation: join a growing global population of conscious, mindful movement facilitators and embodied leaders inspiring people to embrace the pleasure, intelligence and freedom resting in their bodies.



Over the last 7 years, Cocréa founder, Wren LaFeet has made it his purpose and his passion to synthesize the over 20 years of physical performance and movement improvisation techniques, as well as spiritual practices for embodiment that he has gathered into a holistic practice for living a full and vital life. Synthesizing aspects that resonate as Truth from various schools of thought that have come to similar conclusions, the journey he invites is ultimately one of the heart and spirit.

The Inquiry: How do we craft containers of such impeccable trust that participants feel safe and courageous to have their needed transformation for evolution of the human race?



The Goal: to empower you and train you to fully inhabit yourself and your genius; to deliver your unique message as an empowered, embodied leader.

This is not strictly about embodying the teachings of Cocréa so you can teach partner dance; it is about liberating the YOU that is burning to give its best and brightest in service to the Whole and equipping you with an epic toolbox to do your soul work.

You are ready for this program if you are:

  • Tired of playing small in the world.
  • In love with dance and want others to experience the joys and benefits of movement together.
  • Ready to make your important contribution to shifting human awareness to value and deeply consider the genius of the body.
  • Hearing your calling to become a movement facilitator and wanting to focus on connection, co-creation, consent and authentic communication.
  • Looking for ways to develop relational, somatic intelligence in your existing practice.
  • A community leader and/or facilitator desiring to generate more coherence within your community.
  • A social dance instructor eager to take your dancing and your teaching beyond technique, style and convention to embracing it as a holistic pathway of healing, relating and spiritual practice.
  • Embracing dance as medicine and stoked to become a leader in an embodied revolution.


The training will consist of:

  • Two 5-day in person training intensives
  • Six group calls spaced out over 6 months
  • Six 1-on-1 coaching sessions spaced out over 6 months
  • At least 3 practice sessions to be held with members of your community

Concepts we’ll cover in depth during the 5-Day Immersions:
In addition to focusing on teaching method and techniques for imparting skills such as frame, momentum/inertia, tone, extension and compression, musicality and other concepts important for having connected, coherent dances, we will also work in a number of areas that have proven invaluable in Wren’s facilitation process and pedagogy.

  • Physical theater to develop embodied awareness, strength, versatility and adaptable movement
  • Improvisational theater including storytelling to empower your unique style and presence
  • Vocal training to hone the power of your voice
  • Combining contemplative, mindful meditation and movement practices to embody the holistic intent of this practice
  • Developing your unique movement style and vernacular layered within American vernacular Jazz dance to value, promote and honor the beauty of a dance lineage
  • Analyzing the dynamics of lead and follow energies, the cultural forces that have driven these roles in social partner dance for centuries and why it’s time to redefine them, and how to use the energies within that polarity to create healing, inclusion and equity
  • Understanding consent and how practicing good consent within partner dance is good practice for all relationships ever and how to share it effectively through the medium of dance facilitation

Tangible Tools and Benefits You’ll Receive:

  • A handbook of Cocréa practices and exercises
  • Personal coaching that will guide you into your unique brand as a facilitator
  • Marketing and community building resources to build, grow and sustain your own Cocréa community (covered in virtual group calls)
  • Ongoing access to leaders, innovators and practitioners in the growing field of embodiment and somatics
  • The option to join the Cocréa Facilitation Community by Yearly Membership: $350 (*see below for details)

First Virtual Group Call: September 18th
In Person Retreat Immersions: October 30-November 4th, 2019 and March 25th-31st, 2020

Full payment: $3,500
If needed, there is the option of spreading tuition out over 10 months in a payment plan of $400/mo totaling $4,000.

Are you ready to become an embodied revolutionary?

Fill out the interest form below and we will contact you to schedule a discovery session.

Our Venue: White Cloud Lodge

We are thrilled to get to stay and work in this beautiful, private residence. White Cloud Lodge is a unique, custom designed and built log home retreat. Soaring open truss ceilings designed to showcase the incredible long range views and Scotts Flat Lake views. Grand open floor plan with rock wall fireplace, multiple gathering areas, loft, and 7 private sleeping areas. It sits on 10+ acres providing ample space for walks and reflecting in nature, an integral aspect of Cocréa’s ethos. 

Training Ground

We will take our meals together and have plenty of time and space to spread out, contemplate and practice, practice, practice!

Designed for Integration

With 8 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms, there’s plenty of room for everyone. You’ll get good rest, create nourishing connections and have plenty of time for yourself. 

The Gift that Keeps on Giving:

Yearly Membership in Cocréa’s Facilitator Coop

From an early age, Cocréa founder Wren LaFeet was always concerned with equality and the idea of peace on Earth. Enjoying the long and winding path with all its distraction, the desire for an equitable world has endured. This training strives to fulfill that vision by providing what we hope feels like abundant support for new facilitators in creating your own financially successful practice.

By joining the facilitator team through yearly membership you’ll receive:

  • Access to a group of likeminded leaders to innovate and co-create with for the rest of your life through annual convention style gatherings
  • Access to an ever evolving syllabus of co-curated practices that is permanently accessible to paying members
  • Use of Cocréa’s logo and branding to promote your own workshops and events
  • Your picture and bio on Cocréa’s website
  • Your workshop events featured in the Cocréa newsletter and on the website
  • Opportunities to co-facilitate extended international and domestic retreats with members of the Core Team after 1-Year of holding workshops and an evaluation session following personal experience of your work
  • Automatic pre-qualification for Cocréa Level 2 Facilitator Training due to be announced 2021

*NOTE: The offer of membership to be a Cocréa Certified Facilitator will depend on participants satisfactory integration of the training as decided by the Cocréa core team following the training.