Exploring Right Relationship in Confronting Times

Earthdance, MA

July 22nd – 24th, 2022

Everything is Relationship. 


In our current world, there are many ways in which we are not in healthy relationship with ourselves, our partners, friends, community, and the planet.

The road ahead will require us all to be in better relationship.

During this deep dive, we will use partner dance as our vehicle to explore coming into better relationship with ourselves, others and our environment.

Through somatic inquiry into our embodied cultural contexts, we’ll take a coregulatory journey of the heart, soul and psyche that aims for healing, resilience and reconciliation.

Alchemize the density and uncertainty of the last two years, and the turbulence of the present global cultural climate, through dance, community and rediscovering our belonging with the Earth.

Led by American vernacular dance-informed somatic permissionary, Wren LaFeet, and trauma-informed embodied social justice educator, Odessa Avianna Perez, we’ll explore and deepen the following vital attributes of being human:


  • Learn to attune to self and other for more dialed-in connections 
  • Improve your consent practices – your ability to invite, be specific, allow space, give and receive yes and no.
  • Deepen your self-awareness through an embodied sense of your emotional landscape 
  • Practice non-violence towards self, other and environment
  • Explore power dynamics: unpack unhealthy power-over dynamics as they live in your body and your life, and learn how to embody more power-among and power-within in your experience.
  • Welcome the totality of your experience and stay in connection with others while doing so.
  • Explore embodied, sensuous relationship with land
  • Celebrate the radical act of embodied joy through dance and community.

Venue: Earthdance

Earthdance is an arts organization, rental and retreat center hosting workshops, artist retreats, and community programming. We are situated on unceded Nipmuc territory, in the hills of Western Massachusetts. Our focus centers on dance, somatics, movement research and interdisciplinary arts training, with an awareness towards social justice and community building. Earthdance has been developing innovative arts programming while maintaining a beautiful facility for over three decades.

Training Ground

For the truly immersive experience, we will be sleeping dorm style and have the chance to integrate our workshop material with our friends. If you are desiring a more private sleeping option, you can choose to bring your camping gear and commune with the earth, or, for the more cushily inclined, 9 Mountain just next door has 2 private rooms available as well as an additional 20 spots in shared dorms.

All options listed below include dinner on Friday, 3 meals on Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday.
If you just aren’t ready to leave on Sunday afternoon, join us for a little afterglow integration at 9 Mountain. We’ll soak, dance, eat dinner and brunch together Monday morning. Select the AfterGlow at 9 Mountain option when checking out.


We will be fed luxuriously by Earthdance’s one and only KaleYum! Prepare your taste buds for the culinary delights of this epic being, as well rest your mind that you will be nourished and provided for in your health and well being. KaleYum is very selective in his ingredients and takes good care of those with special dietary needs. Be sure you fill out the dietary restictions form when you register!

Wren LaFeet

Wren LaFeet


Wren celebrates dancing in partnership for 23 years and loves serving humanity as a somatic permissionary. Teaching partner dance internationally as a practice for mindful, authentic living, and enlivening communities by facilitating his signature modality, Cocréa, has been his joy for nearly a decade. Wren guides somatically curious humans towards right relationship by exploring the realms of Self, Earth, Music, Sacred Other, Community and Whole through listening and responding, and inviting, allowing and embracing change. He is a celebrated TEDx speaker, featured author in “ReInhabiting the Village” and ardent proponent of pioneering a new renaissance through authentic connection and consensual touch. 
Wren is a cis-gendered, able bodied white male residing in Cherokee territory (Asheville, NC). As a psychonaut, consensual non-monogamy practicing, non-binary identified, 11th generation American descended most recently from artist and blue collar working class parents, Wren is in a deep reckoning with the numerous and nuanced aspects of self that influence how we navigate interpersonal relationships and cultural identity on the journey into right relationship.
As a Danyasa trained facilitator, former Awake at Work program facilitator, certified Attunement Therapy practitioner, Do Good Things with Power program graduate, and holder of a BA in Drama and Dance from the University of Washington, Wren promotes dance as an embodied approach to spirituality and medicinal salve for our modern ailments of disconnection and dislocation.
Odessa Avianna Perez

Odessa Avianna Perez


Odessa is a trauma-informed somatic psychotherapist, embodiment and social justice educator who helps individuals and groups heal from fragmentation and remember agency, magic, and belonging.
Odessa is a cis gender, able-bodied, biracial white-presenting latina currently residing in Kumeyaay territory – what is now known as San Diego, CA. She holds an MA in Somatic Psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies and triple bachelor degrees in Dance, Theater Arts, and Sociology from Rutgers University. She is a ThetaHealing practitioner and instructor, and has a background in massage and bodywork. She has over 2 decades of movement and dance performance experience, and has been practicing and teaching Contact Improvisation as a form of self inquiry and relationship alchemy for over ten years.
Odessa is deeply curious about the intersection of personal and collective trauma, collective nervous system states and expression, and how we can use somatics to integrate our trauma for better relationship, community and planet.  She has facilitated workshops at dozens of retreats and festivals up and down the west coast using somatics, movement, and contact improvisation as the platform through which to explore safety, relationship, building capacity for discomfort, interdependence and inclusion.
In her psychotherapeutic private practice, she weaves somatics, movement, interpersonal neurobiology, polyvagal theory, attachment work, and social and racial justice frameworks.With spiritual lineage in western Sufism and a background in ThetaHealing, she invites the mystical and metaphysical perspective, while remaining grounded in the reality of this planet and the structures and power dynamics we find ourselves in.

Weekend Activities:

  • Nature movement scores
  • Contact Improv
  • Cocréa
  • Energetic attunement and Mindfulness technique
  • Somatic Resourcing for a Resilient Nervous System (Resilient Body)
  • Free Time for Reflection, Rest and Nature Connection
  • Dance practices for Reconciliation
  • Vocal activations for liberating stagnant energy

Why Partner Dance?

Dancing in intentional connection with others offers a wealth of benefits. It has been shown time and again how necessary it is for us humans to engage in healthy, physical contact with one another. We hold this truth at our core and endeavor to offer spaces for this need to be met in a good way. Building upon this foundational aspect of our humanity, Cocréa opens doorways to finding versatility and ease as we move through life.

Improve Communication

  • Improve awareness and sensitivity to emotional and physiological states of other people.
  • Practice listening to verbal and nonverbal cues.
  • Calm the mind to increase presence and attentiveness to another person’s sharing.
  • Increase emotional intelligence.

Embody Consent

  • Practice asking for and giving your full embodied No and enthusiastic Yes.
  • Honoring and respecting boundaries.
  • Interpreting and understanding body language.

Build Confidence

  • Practice taking risks and trying new things in a supportive environment.
    Become more comfortable with spontaneously expressing yourself through movement.
    Enjoy the experience of feeling grounded in a powerful, fluid body and calm, curious mind.

Practice Community

  • Add variety and fun to your week through playful interaction with likeminded people.
  • Gain skills you can teach to existing dance partners.
  • Experience a sense of belonging within the larger Cocréa and Fusion communities.
  • Connect online with national and international Cocréa community.
  • Have fun and laugh with new friends.

Expand Creativity

  • Open new neural pathways of self-expression through exploration of dance form and a diversity of music.
  • Strengthen and integrate all the parts of your body to support that expression.
  • Release self-limiting beliefs that hold you back from being fully expressed.
  • Develop trust in the phenomenon of emergence and learn to be guided by the moment.

Enhance Somatic Awareness

  • Discover movement of your body as a living wisdom within you.
  • Develop stronger body awareness for more graceful movement.
  • Master spatial awareness for greater ease of movement in daily life.
  • Find flow as you move through your world.

Ready to Shift Your Paradigm?


Please choose the option at left that most accurately reflects your financial situation. We expect you will use honor in this decision and know what the right price is for you.

We are doing our best to make this event affordable and accessible. If you have financial challenges and want to attend, please reach out to us.
In case you have not heard… there is a pandemic going on. Still. If you are sick or have been around someone who has recently been sick (fever, nausea, loss of smell, headache, sore throat, cough) please stay home and take care of yourself and your loved ones. We respect everyone’s choices in regards to their health, safety, and comfort, and also want to honor our own values around what caring for our community looks like. To this end we will be requiring a negative Covid test upon arrival. At home tests are acceptable. No masks required, but welcome. We expect everyone to make the best choices for themselves in consideration of the health of others.


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